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My Balanced Sheet | Balanced Finances. Balanced Life.

Crawling to Walk.

Crawling to WalkAs I watch my 11 month old son mature and develop, I am reminded that achievement is earned, not awarded.

His progression from sitting to crawling to standing and eventually walking, mirrors my development in my law practice.  Sometimes you must struggle to succeed.

Powerful doses of dedication and determination can go a long way in lifting you over the hurdles in your path.  It is the determination I see in my son that inspires me.

He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  He is not getting into trouble or “being bad.”  He is pushing himself past his limits (and ours) and is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.

Thanks to my son’s inspiration, I try to tackle each day with the same steadfast determination I see in him.

I do this with the confidence that like him, I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

Embracing the Silence (Part II).

Embracing the SilenceAs previously discussed, my wife and son had departed for Montana last month and I was embracing the silence.

I did eventually reunite with them in Bozeman, MT.  There, I came to the realization that silence is not solitude.

What I was embracing was the calm serenity of the stillness.

In Montana, I experienced this on a grand scale.  The rivers, trees, mountains and fresh air surrounded me with a truly silent embrace.  The sounds of daily life were background to my peaceful existence.  The calm, reassuring demeanor of family enabled my tranquility.

Upon my return to New York, I was taking my son for a walk in his stroller.

I was bombarded with the droning onslaught of cars, horns, sirens and construction.  Life was loud.

I was immediately on edge and my son had trouble sleeping.

Silence is tranquility.  Ultimately, it comes from within but can be facilitated by our environment.

Sometimes we have to actively seek it out while other times, it finds us.

Listening: The xx.

Beautifully restrained. Less is more.


UnsubscribingToday, our digital worlds are completely integrated with our realities.  I am on a journey to minimize my space and my mind.

In the process, I hope to adjust priorities and discover myself.

Digital clutter can be just as distracting as the physical and emotional clutter that invades our worlds.

I glare at a constant barrage of coupons, deals and “insider” specials.

I have started unsubscribing from everything.  If I decide to purchase something, it will be on my terms.  I refuse to be bullied by the digital marketing onslaught.

By unsubscribing, I can clear the path to my inbox, lose the distractions and focus on the invited, important communications that I welcome.

Embracing the Silence.

Embracing the SilenceThis week, my Wife and 10 month old Son departed for Montana to visit his “Abuelos.”

I will follow, but until then, we will be separated for nearly three weeks.  This is the first time I will be without my two favorite people.

Being detached is tough.  I broke down at the airport while seeing them off.

While I miss them terribly, I have decided to embrace the silence.

Parenting and lawyering are full time jobs.  Decibel levels are high and rest is intermittent.

I have suddenly been smacked in the face with silence

Rest, rejuvenation and reticence will fill my void until I am joyfully reunited with my little clan.

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